• Sticks

  • Since 1930, Cleopatre manufactures glues for children and adults: the famous glue with the orange cap.
    The "P'tit pot" of white glue with the sweet smell of almonds is part of the collective memory of the Europeans people, and it is with its spatula that the pupils have passed the learning of fine gestures to write.

    Cleopatre has also a range of  correction items (EffacEncre) and of course acrylic paints, gouaches paints, inks to draw or various glues for schools. Cleopâtre has not forgotten to develop adult products, for Do It Yourself activities: glues, varnishes, resins, paints, and of course the WePAM, our modelling cold porcelain.

  • Stickers

  • Glues

  • Resin

    resin cleopatre jewels epoxy activities DIY
  • Painting

    paint painting cleopatre gouache tempera acrylic taint brushes

Company cléopâtre

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  • The factory Cleopatre is located inside the chateaux of Loire valley, near to the famous chateau of Villandry, in Ballan Miré.

    The production is here since the 1970's for the glue, then paintings and the famous WePam, our molding paste in the 2000's.

    Our building is located in the middle of a large wooded garden, with varieties melliferous required by the bees in our hives.

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  • Cléopâtre is involved in sustainable development.

    Our vision :

    • the quality of the products we produce & satisfaction of our main clients, children ;
    • the ethical social with the improvement of work conditions of our employees and everybody's future ;
    • the environment since the creation of new products to minimize the impact of our actions on Earth, on its residents and next generations.

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