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Colle en poudre tylose BIO'CADRE POWDER



New product

The tylose powder glue is chemically neutral  (PH stable), odorless and free of toxins. It must be mixed between  1 and  2% in hot water depending on the thickness you wish to obtain (or 3 to 6 coffee spoons in 1 liter).  This powder  enables you to make a glue with a high-level viscosity with a low-component sticking factor. The result is a very flexible sticky glue , transparent when drying for a lighter sticking. This is a product which dries very slowly , and when dry it is reversible. It is perfect for assembly, book restoration, tab and junction gluing,  light paper sticking such as japanese paper, etc... Tip :  It can be used as a washing agent to wipe glue stains out.

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