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Cold Porcelain WePAM 145 gr, Jordan Almond Pink



0.160 Kg

New product

Easy and pleasant to use, WePAM is a molding paste ready to use.  Store it in its box with an hermetic lid to keep its humidity level. You do not need to bake it, it will naturally air-dry.

Its easiness and flexibility will let you create any kind of objects with the technic you prefer: casted in a mould, sculpted with your hands, etc... The limit to what you can create with the WePAM is endless, let your imagination go! The quality of the details and its hardness will allow a perfect finish.

You can either color it with acrylic paint or colourings or, once dry, you can paint or varnish the finished object.

The main ingredient is the "Cleocol" from Cléopâtre with special and secret natural products made in France.

Security and environment: this product corresponds to the European Norm EN71-1 and can be used by children age 3 and more.

Histoire du produit

The WePAM has been created at the beginning of the 21st Century by Cléopâtre with the help of D.I.Y. bloggers like Natasel. For several years, it was made by hand and one person needed 2 minutes to make one small bar of WePAM!

Following the increase in demand coming from the market, we invested in new and innovative machines in order to increase the production and offer new colors and new textures to you.