Cléopâtre, 1ère de la classe

Cléopâtre: top of the class

Kids Glue Expert

AlmondsBorn in 1930, Cléopâtre company has rapidly become the specialist for children’s glues. Schools’ Number 1*, we develop only ‘Made in France” products, a warranty of quality. Unforgettable by their almond scent, our glues are nowadays developed in cooperation with the teachers and tested by children in pilot classrooms. That is the reason why they are really adapted to the needs of each school levels.

Pedagogical objectives

Our glues are used in preschools for pedagogic purposes. Liquid and very easy to use, they help kids to learn the simple gestures and they bring fun and efficiency to them. The children have the best conditions to acquire the notions taught by the teachers.

Quality formulas for kids

The company has more environmentally respectful strategies. It means that Cléopâtre company is the first French company manufacturing vegetal glues. Our products are all water-based and contain no solvent, nor VOC (Volatil Organic Compound that provokes harmful chemical emanations).

Most of the bottles can be refilled with glue and last for ages.

From the beginning, we have been developing refills in order to limit the plastic waste and we try to maximize the use of recycled plastic for the bottles.


In 2011, with its new Princess Cleo’s look, Cléopâtre company launched a new school glue
range designed specifically for three age groups (ages 3+, ages 6+, ages 12+).

The children can chose between paper and cardboard glues or multi-purpose glues.

All our products are distributed through supermarkets, specialized shops and on internet.

* in total volume of glue.

Now let's play together?

Why chose "Cleopatre" for a range of glues?

Everybody (or almost) know Cleopatre's glues but why such a funny name? From the first day, there was a game between this glue wanted to be the "Queen of the glues" and the "Queen of the Queens", obvioulsy Cleopatra (or Cléopâtre in French), the well known Queen of Egypt, which explains the name for a brand of glues.

Where is Ballan-Miré situated?

This charming village with a lovely French name is based in the Loire Valley, south-west of Tours. It has about 8364 inhabitants... There are manufactured the glues for Cléopâtre, in a renovated building that respects the strictest environmentally respectful norms (e-mas). Have a look:

Cleopatre building 1Cleopatre building 2

Who is Monsieur Chamson ?

Even in France his name is not known, nevertheless he had invented, in the thirties, the great formula for Cleopatre's glue. Formula still used to make the glue in tour factory in the center of France, glue that is still appreciated by the children, by their teachers and their parents! So wa want to say "Merci Monsieur Chamson (Thank you Mr Chamson)"!

The magic formula to make your own organic glue (like our great-grand parents): mix 2 table spoons of flour with a little water to dilute the flour. Then pour boiling water until it becomes a clear cream. Leave it on the heat while mixing with a wooden spoon. If the glue is too thick, add a little water!!

Send us your best recipe so we can post it on this wall....

1 KILO ! ===> The size of the biggest pot of glue recorded even made in our factory. It does not appear in the Records Guinness Book, but we could have send it to them! (soon you will see a picture of this huge pot)!

Now a chemistry question: what is (C 6 H10 O5)?

I give you a clue: it is the chemical formula of a component found in an apple, in corn, in wheat.... It is the formula of the starch!! And thanks to its naturally bonding caracteristics, starch has been used in the Tiny Pot of Cleopatre glue from the first day..... :

Calculate: 2012 – 1930 = ? the answer is: 82.

It is the number of years since the Tiny Pot has been bup onto the market for the first time. For sure, it has changed (see picture =>) but not that much. Its simple formula and its efficiency are the reason of its fame among generations of French school children. Today the Tiny Pot is part of our school memories.

What makes the glue smell so nice???

We love the distinctive scent of Cleoâtre's glue. And for you, what is this smell exactly??? Send us your ideas on the matter.....

Souvenirs and souvenirs…. in France , generations of kids have grown up with the Tiny Pot of glue and its almond scent. Wherever you have been in school, whatever the year of your kindergarten time, the smell of Cléopâtre glue will bring back memories of your classroom, your friends, your first love maybe.....and today, like all of the previous generations, our kids fight in class to have the lattest Cléopâtre glue in the lattest package!! I know it, because my daughters do it!!

Why did we like to paly with the glue?

We complained against the 'pâtés' that the glue made on the paper, but we really loved to crush Cleopâtre glue! It has been a game for years to play with it, to crush it because it was fun and relaxing! And have you known Cléopâtres glues for a long time? How did you discover it? What does it feel to use it? Do your kids like it?

EMT =Education Manuelle et Technique…qui s'en souvient?

C’était un moment de détente, on apprenait la cuisine, les objets en balsa, l’encadrement….et quelle fierté de fabriquer ses propres objets, grands ou petits cadeaux…. Quelle a été votre plus belle réalisation ? L’avez vous gardée ? ou votre Maman l'a peut-être gardée en souvenir de vos jeunes années? Sinon, qu’est-elle devenue ? C’est ici le petit musée de vos plus jolies créations d’enfants... Envoyez-nous une photo de vos plus belles créations et nous les ajouterons à notre musée de la Colle Cléopâtre......