Pilot classrooms

Our pilot classrooms

To better know the teachers and the schoolchildren’s needs, we have implemented in each regions of France pilot classrooms. They test our products during their own class activities, they give their feedbacks for improvement and their ideas for new products!

They sincerely tell us what they think of the products. Here is an example……

1. What do you like the most?

  1. The bottle does not take a lot of space in my schoolbag.
  2. It’s organic, refillable

2. What do you like the least?

  1. The bottle should have a transparent part so that we can see how much glue’s left in it!

  2. It’s a shame that there is not a second bigger spreader to use on larger areas.

  3. It’s only good for very small bits of paper!

3. Have you already used an aluminum tube? YES

4. Do you think the new product is:

  1. Easier for an A4 sheet NO spreader too small
  2. Easier for small bits of paper YES
  3. Easier to carry in schoolbags YES

5. What do you think of the plastic spreader?

Easy to use or not? EASY

Comments: easy to use but you need to push hard at the beginning for the glue to come out.

6. What do you think of the transparent cap?

  • Would be better if colored: YES in green because it’s a vegetal glue
  • We can see through it: YES it’s nice
  • Easy to open: YES
  • Open up too quickly: NO

7. What would be its name? CLEOSTICK because the cap reminds me of a stick

8. Who are you ? a boy, 13 y.o., 9th grade.