Moules boucles oreilles



New product

The Resin’Mould is a high-quality silicone mould for resin, it can also be used with other materials such as plaster, o waxed concrete, and so one …
The silicone-made mould enables an optimized use with epoxy resin. The delicacy of the mould makes it easy to remove it out and keeps the sparkling brighteness of the resins.
With this pattern, you can make up to 16 geometrical pendant with different forms (round, drop, square…). Let your imagination drives you away and customize your creations with dry flowers, glitters … to create a tailored jewel !
With the nib included in some moulds, you only have to add a ring after drying and put the piece onto the earings and necklace.
Use the Cristal’Diamond Resin and the Color’Resin to give a shiny effect.
Dimensions : 11cm x 20.5cm
Quantity of resine to fill the 16 different moulds : 50 ml


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